Book Excerpt: Busting the Financial Planning Lies

Enjoy the first three chapters on us!

Busting Financial Planning Lies excerpt cover

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We wrote this book not only our own clients, but also for advisors, their clients, and readers far beyond our reach. We know that “typical” financial planning has serious shortcomings, and this book exposes them and helps readers question common assumptions and shift their financial paradigms!

Get the whole truth – the whole book!

Busting the Financial Planning Lies is available in paperback and Kindle formats at, and an audio book version is available on our Prosperity Economics book section at

Feedback? Questions? Contact us at FYI, we’ll be updating the book in 2015 and strive to make it even better. If you like the book, reviews on Amazon are much appreciated! And if you find mistakes (we’ve found a few) or have suggestions for improvements, let us know.

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