Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We want you to feel comfortable moving forward. Below are some typical questions and our responses.

What should I expect from the leaders and speakers at The Summit?

The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors is THE event where you will be able to access business building resources you will not find anywhere else.

This event is about YOU and other like-minded advisors who recognize that financial planning has failed and there are much better alternatives to handing our clients’ financial futures over to Wall Street and the government.

At the SUMMIT you are going to learn directly from Kim and Todd as well as their handpicked experts. You are going to get more of what you have been looking for to fast-track your success!


  • Ways to create a powerful message and market your business effectively
  • Ways to expand your sphere of influence and help more people
  • Ways to help existing clients secure and grow their wealth- keeping them super satisfied!
  • Ways to keep your mind in growth mode helping you see and seize more opportunities
  • Ways to think through what you’ll learn and precisely how you’ll implement it
  • Ways to find out from other advisors how they are growing their businesses
  • Ways to leverage what you can accomplish through virtual assistants
  • Ways to establish relationships and work with attorneys on estate plans
  • Ways to build the Prosperity Movement and prosper doing it!

In order to bring you the most powerful and relevant training, we will be adding to and adjusting content all the way up until the event.

We are passing on our direct costs only.

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Tell me more about “Prosperity Economics.”

Prosperity Economics is the term we use for the alternative to “typical” financial planning. Prosperity Economics uses time-tested wealth-building principles, strategies, and products, such as whole life insurance, also real estate and business ownership, as opposed to stocks and qualified plans. For more, see our books or, the online home of the Prosperity Economics Movement. See your opportunity as an advisor in The Prosperity Economics Movement at

Why did you start this event?

If like-minded advisors can help each other, we all win. Rather than competing against each other or focusing on which life insurance company is “the best,” The Summit was created so we can help each other to help more clients. Listen to more in the video below:

Is this event similar to a Truth Training?

Although Todd Langford will be speaking and hosting, The SUMMIT is not a “Truth Concepts” event. You will get the full value of this event regardless of what software system you use. If you have attended Truth Training you’ll definitely enjoy The SUMMIT, but there will be extremely little overlap in content.

I’m just getting started in my financial practice, is The SUMMIT a good fit for me?

shortcut signIf you apply what you learn at the event, it could be one of the fastest ways for you to take a giant step forward in your business and shave years off of your learning curve! You’ll get to meet top producers and hear what they’re doing, and mastermind with like-minded advisors about your specific challenges.

Regardless of how new you are in the business, The SUMMIT is designed to help you SHORTCUT your way to success by learning from others and benefiting from the wisdom and support of others.

What if I have additional questions?

No problem, contact us at hello@ProsperityEconomicsMovement, we’re happy to help.

What people are saying about Kim and Todd:

bobby-mattei“It’s said, ‘You don’t know what you don’t know.’ Well, today I came in here not knowing what I didn’t know and I walked away with some things I can really USE for clients that I had no idea. And all of the camaraderie and the questions from the group were absolutely fantastic!”

Bobby Mattei, R.S. Mattei & Associates

“I thoroughly enjoyed the time, and appreciate the gifts that you both bring to our industry. The (training) was incredible, and a great investment of my time, but the calculators are sheer genius!”

Burton Stewart, Life Insurance Industry


“My coach, Kim Butler has provided incredible value in the form of best practices, resources and contacts.”

Jeremy Overton, Advisor and Strategic Coach client.

Gina C. Wells
I have been using Truth Concepts software since it was introduced to me by Norm Baker. Kim and Todd have not only brought it to life, but have shared the use and concepts of the software to anyone searching to understand the truth about money by creating educational blogs, web sites, and training. I refer all inquisitors to visit their websites and attend their workshops!
Gina C. Wells, CLU®, ChFC®

We hope to see you THERE!

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