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Registration for The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors 2017 is almost open!

This year’s Summit is back in beautiful Park City, Utah but this year we will gather at the gorgeous St. Regis Deer Valley starting at 6:30 PM Sunday, July 23rd and culminating at 3 PM Wednesday on July 26th.

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The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors

Park City, Utah

Dates of our NEXT Summit: July 23 (evening) – July 26, 2017

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Get More Leads & Attract MORE CLIENTS

While Standing Confidently

In Financial Truth


From Todd Langford and Kim Butler
Mt. Enterprise, TexasTodd Langford and Kim Butler

Dear Financial Advisor,

Are you tired of the flat out LIES and misinformation being perpetrated on the public by inaccurate financial ‘experts’ and the bought-and-paid-for media?

We are too.

The time has come for financial leaders like you to come together and  rise to your full potential so you are positioned to share the truth and make the deep impact that you desire.

Everyone in America needs to know that trusting Wall Street corporations, Big Banks and “typical” financial advice is NOT the path to a sustainable financial future!

Are You Ready To Be Part Of Something Bigger?

The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors is the only event of its kind…anywhere…for independent financial professionals who put their clients’ financial security first instead of keeping their dollars at risk in the market. 

The opportunities are HUGE. Probably larger than you have ever thought. While 95% of the media continues to spew falsehoods and fear, the reality is that we are on the precipice of a new golden age.

And you are in a PRIME POSITION to be one of the leaders of this exciting movement!

But we must act fast and with determination to turn the tide of financial fortune back in favor of the ‘everyday’ people out there who have been betrayed by Big Banks, Wall Street and a bloated government who have long ago lost their moral compasses. They must know they need not be victims of market instability or be subjugated to excessive risk.

You Know This Event is For You


  • If you care about doing what’s right by your client using time-tested growth strategies…NOT just making a quick sale
  • You don’t believe in dispensing the ‘typical’ financial advice but instead look at various products and strategies to help your clients build sustainable wealth
  • You often think to yourself “I’m looking to learn from other financial professionals who think the way I think”
  • You know that the more you give the more that you get back and that passionately drives you in your work
  • You recognize that whole life insurance as the foundation of one’s personal economy despite having been demonized by those with ulterior motives (or who don’t know better)

When You Attend The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors

  • You are going to get the marketing essentials to help you spread your message and build your business faster
  • You will learn to attract more prospects AND you will gain insight from experts on how to convert more prospects into clients
  • You will gather knowledge and access to alternative investments that will free your clients from the stress and uncertainty of a chaotic stock market
  • You will be equipped to confidently communicate why you are the better choice as an advisor to your prospects in clear, black and white language that instantly attracts them to become clients
  • You’ll be immersed in an atmosphere with a level of wisdom, knowledge and trust unlike any event you’ve likely ever attended before

Whether you are well-established or new in business, you’ll find tremendous value in the training. And you won’t just be “talked at” all day – we’ll be integrating and applying what we learn along the way.

Get Your Ticket Now! 

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Here’s what one attendee had to say about The SUMMIT:

Just A Few Reasons Why You Want To JOIN US At The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors 2017

1. It’s time to let more people know you’re out there! They are seeking YOU now more than ever. This is the only event dedicated to independent, prosperity-minded financial advisors LIKE YOU!

2. You are going to learn the latest branding, messaging and marketing strategies that will confidently position you as the answer to so many disillusioned investors, families and retirees!

3. You will become part of a growing community like nothing else in the financial world. You will be surrounded by the cream of the crop that have your back and are poised to join you in transforming the wealth of millions!

4. This is NOT a sponsor-driven event! So there isn’t a hidden agenda manipulating the experience. NO WAY! It’s 100% about giving you the content and resources you need in order to help you build a thriving business!

5. Like so many others…you may finally feel like you’re HOME

Come Join Us In Beautiful Park City Utah For The Only Event Custom-Tailored To Independent, Prosperity Minded Advisors Like YOU!

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This Year’s Event Is At The The St. Regis Deer Valley Resort!

We are working hard to deliver to you the most fun, focused and AFFORDABLE event to really help you to take a huge step evergreen-Heroforward in your business

THE EVENT. We will convene for three-and-a-half days of deep insights and actionable strategies from industry experts. You will be immersed in a wise and giving community eager to help you grow and strengthen your business putting you in prime position to serve more clients!

THE VENUE. This year’s SUMMIT is being held at The Lodges At Deer Valley. Deer Valley is located in the historic mining town of Park City, Utah.

Your going to love the accommodations…and we have negotiated a fantastic group discount for you! Rooms start at just $135 (plus taxes and fees totaling 18.054%) per night !! Each room is designed to be cozy AND efficient with complimentary wireless high-speed Internet. One and two bedroom suites are also available. Oh, and you’re not far from the pool and HOT TUB!

MEALS. We will  get together for a relaxed dinner Sunday evening in preparation for the important work we will do in the coming days. In order to keep you fueled up, each day will serve you delicious lunches.

On Monday evening we will gather for a networking reception and some scrumptious bites. You will mingle with other advisors and speakers, some brand new, others with decades of experience, all coming together to share and help each other make an even bigger impact on our clients’ lives.  

2016-03-14_1701Tuesday night you’ll be on your own. You can choose to use the complimentary in-town shuttle to explore the beauty and wonder of Park City or to relax with friends at the resort.

We will jump back in on Wednesday morning to make sure that you have the plan and momentum to help you realize your vision. The SUMMIT will culminate at around 3 PM.

But it doesn’t end there. You are part of the community, a member of The Prosperity Economics Movement. This is only the beginning. We have tremendous work to do TOGETHER!


Bonus imageBecause You Are Attending The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors, You Will Receive An Exclusive Free Bonus With a Very REAL Value of $797!

 Everyone who attends the Summit and stays until conclusion on Wednesday, July 26th, will receive the full, power-packed and edited videos of the entire event!

No kidding! You will have your very own private viewing whenever you want. It’s amazing how many additional golden nuggets you will pick up each time you relive the experience!


We Want To Make Attending The Summit An Easy Decision

We don’t like excessive risk any more than you do so we want to take all the stress out of making a decision to come attend what might just be the most important event you’ve ever been to.

It’s simple. If after the last session on our first full day, Sunday, July 23, you aren’t convinced that you are in exactly the right place, with the right community and resources to elevate your business to make the impact that you desire, then let us know and we will cheerfully refund your ticket price.

That’s it. Obviously, with a guarantee like this we are more than confident that you are going to be ecstatic with what we have prepared for you and that you’ll have absolutely no intention of going anywhere!

Guarantee image

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Here’s what another attendee had to say about The Summit…

About Your Hosts and Fearless Leaders

The two of us have over five decades of experience in the financial industry – Todd as perhaps “the” industry expert in financial software and training for advisors, and Kim as a top-producing advisor as well as an entrepreneur coach.

If you don’t personally know us, you can read our “mini-bios” below. We are grateful to be known and respected in the industry.

But it’s not where we’ve been that excites us most… it’s where we’re going next.

A Few Things We Know for Sure…

Success doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Collaboration is better than a competition. And working together will get us much further than working in isolation.

We believe that we win when all of us – especially our clients – win.

And we believe that “typical” financial advice has FAILED. It can’t protect the average American from future tax burdens, market crashes, failing pensions and an unsustainable social security system, nor guarantee that they won’t run out of money in retirement.

Change is at hand, and we can be swept up by it or we can take control of it. We’ve decided there’s no other alternative for us but to take a leading role in the change that we can ALL make… and to support you in being a part of that change, too.

Our theme this year is “Be Part of Something Bigger.” There is something shifting in our world…and it is big…really BIG! You truly are at the right place at the right time and at The Prosperity Economics Summit you’re going to discover how big a part we can play… TOGETHER!

Here’s what past attendees and colleagues have said about Kim and Todd’s trainings and work:

richard-keal“Every time I come to a training with Todd, it’s always mind-expanding!”Richard Keal, Generational Wealth Partners


“One would be hard pressed to find another person on the planet with more working knowledge of the power of whole life insurance and the plethora of uses for this most under-appreciated and often abused financial tool than Kim Butler.”

Jim Kindred, Founder, Financial Strategies Group, LLC


“My mother had taught me about the “magic” of compound interest. After studying with Kim Butler and Robert Kiyosaki, I discovered that there was much more to building wealth than simply compound interest.”

Tom Wheelwright, author of Tax-Free-Wealth


“The Truth Concepts™ software training (Truth Training) is second to none. Todd is the industry expert.”

Paul Luchau, Mountain Financial


“Kim’s book has changed the way I look at my business, life, and future retirement.”

Erkki M. Peippo, CPA, PFS


“Thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge and expertise… All of this provides great value for all of us, worth much more than our cost of attending training sessions.”

Frank Cherniawski, Wealth Management Institute

It’s Time To Decide

It’s not easy constantly beating the drum of financial truth while it seems as if everybody’s throwing tomatoes at you. It gets old.

You can’t do this alone. You’re not alone.

Don’t underestimate the power of our movement. It’s much bigger than all of us. As a group, we have an infinitely stronger voice than as individuals.

It’s time to build your business, reach more people and make a difference.

It’s time to create your legacy. Join us. Let’s do this together.

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About Todd Langford

tood-langfordFor over 25 years, Todd Langford has been on the forefront of financial software development and training. As the CEO and developer of Truth Concepts™ software, Todd has been using calculators to “tell the truth” about money ever since his first calculators caused him to reconsider his own beliefs about financial strategies.

Considered by many to be the industry expert, Todd has trained top producers along with new agents and advisors committed to accelerating their success. Todd’s Truth Trainings garner rave reviews and attract repeat attendees, and he has been an in-demand speaker at industry conferences such as the IBC Think Tank.

About Kim Butler

kim-butlerKim D. H. Butler is CEO/President of Partners for Prosperity LLC, a Registered Investment Advisor and the founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement. A frequently interviewed expert on whole life insurance and alternative investments, she is the author of five books: Live Your Life Insurance, Busting the Financial Planning Lies, Busting the Retirement Lies, the forthcoming Busting the Interest Rate Lies, and Financial Planning Has Failed, an ebook which you can download here as our gift just for reading this far! (This book generates leads daily for Partners for Prosperity, and Kim will share how you can use it to do the same in your business, too.)

Also a coach with Strategic Coach for the last 20 years, Kim is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and especially other financial advisors grow and succeed. Kim is a top producer who has developed a unique system for running a profitable, streamlined business that lets her serve clients well while consistently enjoying evenings and long weekends off. At The Summit, Kim shares her secrets, from practice management and mindset to exactly what she says to clients and the strategies and investments she recommends.

Come Join Us!

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Dates of our NEXT Summit: July 23 (evening) – July 26, 2017

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