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The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors is THE event where you will be able to access business-building resources you will not find anywhere else. This event is about YOU and other like-minded advisors who recognize that financial planning has failed and there are much better alternatives to handing our clients’ financial futures over to Wall Street and the government.

And that’s not all!

You’ll also receive:

  • Patrick’s PowerPoint presentation that covers the levels of relationship building to help you identify where you might be skipping steps.
  • Vince’s walkthrough of Advisor Kens trouble spots in his practice with specific suggestions for improvement.
  • & Todd’s PowerPoint of 2 Perpetual Wealth Way case studies.

Update Your Advising Playbook.

get ready to learn about whole life finance education

The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors

Make plans to join us for a uniquely immersive and engaging digital experience, guaranteed to inspire. Three days of luminary speakers, expert advice and financial advice.

Todd Langford and Kim Butler

“Typical Financial Planning Has Failed…”

It could be because the dollar is trading at its lowest value in years…

It might be that old methods for financial advising that we’ve come to rely on don’t work anymore…

The way you communicate with clients, operate your business and give advice will never be the same…

Financial firms and advisors who do not adapt will soon be a forgotten memory…

At The Summit, You Will Learn Secrets From Advisors (Like You) Who Have:

  • Changed the way they view advising
  • AND Are FINANCIALLY THRIVING outside the directives of Wall Street and Big Banks

get ready to learn about virtual finance education

Our June Summit
was our best one yet:

We’re strong believers in the idea that everyone should be in growth mode (“if you ain’t living, you’re dying”) and growth requires constant effort. That being said we believe a great way to grow is attend a live (virtual or face) event at least 3 times a year and that is the pace we’ve been on and intend/encourage people to maintain. So this Summit will build off the previous one and the next one will build off of this one.

Furthermore, there will be different speakers from our June Summit. Kim, Patrick and Todd are talking quite a bit more this time and setting folks up on a systematic strategy they can use, that will support them throughout the year and get even better as they continue to attend the future Summits every “cycle” (3 a year).

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