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The Best Virtual Summit for Advisors in 2021

Discover how your fellow financial advisors are using Principled Wealth strategies to help their clients save more money, invest, and live an abundant life.

October 28 and 29
9am – 4pm CT

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The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors

October 28 and 29 (Virtual)
9 AM – 4 PM CT

Make plans to join us for a uniquely immersive and engaging experience, guaranteed to inspire. Two days of luminary speakers, expert advice and financial advice.

Speakers: Todd Langford and Kim Butler
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“Typical Financial Planning Has Failed… Why?”

It could be because the dollar is trading at its lowest value in years…
It might be that old methods for financial advising that we’ve come to rely on don’t work anymore…
The way you communicate with clients, operate your business and give advice will never be the same…
Financial firms and advisors who do not adapt will soon be a forgotten memory…

Advisor Secrets

At The Summit, You Will Learn Secrets
From Advisors (Like You) Who Have:

Changed the way they view advising, AND Are FINANCIALLY THRIVING outside the directives of Wall Street and Big Banks

Join Us October 28th – 29th

The Summit is Starting Soon!

Industry Experts

2021 Speaker Lineup

todd langford

Todd Langford

CEO and Developer, Truth Concepts software, Industry Trainer/Leader, Co-founder The Prosperity Economics Movement.

kim butler headshot

Kim Butler

CEO/President of Prosperity Thinkers, Co-founder of The Prosperity Economics Movement, Author


Patrick Donohoe

President and CEO of Paradigm Life, The Prosperity Economics Movement

Rick Randall

Chairman and CEO of National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys

Tammi Brannan

Blueprint Process, Helping you with your Why!

Tom Wheelwright

Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur & Worldwide Authority on Tax

Jim Burch

CEO, Easy Legal Planning

Scott Dial

Disability Income Supervisor at Guardian Life

Teddy Heichman

President, Kensington Financial Associates

Alan Aubrey Kloss

Regional Account Manager at National Credit Care

Darron Miller

Agent at Foundations Insurance

Lee Poskanzer

President and Founder at Directive Communication Systems

Dr. Katy Votava

Author Making the Most of Medicare: a Guide for Baby Boomers 7th Edition 2020 at Goodcare Production

Vince D'Addona

Senior Consultant at Strategies for Wealth


John Nichols

MSM, CLU is a nationally recognized disability benefits consultant

1621019523865 (1)

Bryan McCloskey

Investment & Retirement Advisor

I cannot say enough about how inspiring the presenters and attendees were to me.​

Many of them have been in the industry for 20, 30, 40+ years, and are extremely knowledgeable and even more excited about the future even despite these uncertain times. They were open, welcoming, friendly and humble. It was an honor to be in the same room as this soulful group. I cannot wait for next month’s summit! Thank you, thank you, to all the presenters, Kim, Todd and Patrick!”

Raymond Ward | Holistic (Whole Life) Wellness
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  • 1 Month Access to PEA Universal
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Access to Exclusive Resources

The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors is THE event where you will be able to access business-building resources you will not find anywhere else. This event is about YOU and other like-minded advisors who recognize that financial planning has failed and there are much better alternatives to handing our clients’ financial futures over to Wall Street and the government.

Join Us October 28th – 29th

The Summit is Starting Soon!

Summit begins Thursday Oct 28

Summit Pricing

Online Event
$ 297


$ 200+ Dollar Value
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  • 1 Month Access to PEA Universal
  • Free PEA Book PDF
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Early Bird ends Ocotober 16

Summit Pricing



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  • Summit For Advisors Ticket (FULL ACCESS)

The Summit was an amazing program…one of the best I have ever experienced during my 38 years in the Insurance business.

The topics and presenters were all 1st class, but the chemistry in the room between presenter and audience, and the audience with vendors, and especially attendees with attendees was unprecedented in our Financial Services Industry.”

Lenny Martin | Advisor To Life Insurance Companies

Hear from Previous Summit Attendees

Goes beyond any regular conference…

The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors

October 28th & 29th – 9 AM – 4 PM CT

At the end of the Summit there are three key experiences which are invaluable…

  1. We all walk away with new ideas and resources to grow our business.
  2. The relationships built and the community of advisors goes beyond any regular conference.
  3. The sharing among advisors is priceless… many advisors feel like they are alone on an island and the Summit allows us to come together share, learn, and grow…”

-Bryan Repple, G.A. Repple & Company

  • Lunch Delivery on Us
  • 1 Month Access to PEA Universal
  • Free PEA Book PDF
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Hotel Info

The Summit will be live in Park City, Utah.

Our Commitment to Care


Most frequent questions and answers

If like-minded advisors can help each other, we all win. Rather than competing against each other or focusing on which life insurance company is “the best,” The Summit was created so we can help each other to help more clients.

Although Todd Langford will be speaking and hosting, The SUMMIT is not a “Truth Concepts” event. You will get the full value of this event regardless of what software system you use. If you have attended Truth Training you’ll definitely enjoy The SUMMIT, but there will be extremely little overlap in content.

If you apply what you learn at the event, it could be one of the fastest ways for you to take a giant step forward in your business and shave years off of your learning curve! You’ll get to meet top producers and hear what they’re doing, and mastermind with like-minded advisors about your specific challenges. Regardless of how new you are in the business, The SUMMIT is designed to help you SHORTCUT your way to success by learning from others and benefiting from the wisdom and support of others.

YES! If after the last session on our first full day, Thursday October 28th, you aren’t convinced that you are in exactly the right place, with the right community and resources to elevate your business to make the impact that you desire, then let us know and we will cheerfully refund your ticket price!

No problem, contact us at, we’re happy to help.

We’re strong believers in the idea that everyone should be in growth mode (“if you ain’t living, you’re dying”) and growth requires constant effort. That being said we believe a great way to grow is attend a live (virtual or face) event at least 3 times a year and that is the pace we’ve been on and intend/encourage people to maintain. So this Summit will build off the previous one and the next one will build off of this one.

Furthermore, there will be different speakers from our June Summit. Kim, Patrick and Todd are talking quite a bit more this time and setting folks up on a systematic strategy they can use, that will support them throughout the year and get even better as they continue to attend the future Summits every “cycle” (3 a year).


Theme: Protection Day
09:00 AM Open
10:00 AM Darron Miller P&C Insurance
10:30 AM Breakouts: how to implement
11:00 AM John Nichols Disability Ins
11:30 AM Scott Dial Disability Ins
12:00 PM LUNCH
12:30 PM Lee Pozkanzer Digital Asset Transfer
01:00 PM Jim Burch East Estate Planning
01:30 PM Breakouts: how to take action
01:40 PM Rich Randal NNEPA
02:00 PM Aubrey Kloss Credit Care
02:30 PM Katy Votava Health Ins
03:00 PM Breakouts: adding new benefits
03:00 PM Vince D’Addona Human Beings
04:00 PM Finish
04:30 PM Evolve Mastermind
05:30 PM Finish


Theme: Benefit Day
09:00 AM Positive Focus
09:30 AM Todd Langford Parallel Paths on TC
10:00 AM Tom Wheelwright CPA Taxes
10:30 AM Matt Atkinson Forward Mortgage
11:00 AM Tammi Brannan on Purpose
11:30 AM Teddy Heichman Lines of Credit
12:00 PM LUNCH
12:30 PM Harlan Accola Reverse Mortgage
01:00 PM Don Graves Reverse Mortgage
01:30 PM Breakout: education on Reverse Mtg
02:00 PM Bryan McCloskey Annuities
02:30 PM Breakout: Parallel Paths implementation
03:00 PM Breakout: Perpetual Wealth Way implementation
03:30 PM Large Group Discussion re next steps
04:00 PM Finish

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