Tools for Client Attraction and Conversion: PODCASTING

Ryan Bradshawtodd-strobel-cropAre you passionate about what you do and do you enjoy talking about it? Podcasting might be for you!

Ryan Bradshaw of Podkick.com and Todd Strobel, co-host of The Prosperity Podcast, reveal their secrets for using podcasts easily and effectively to educate and attract quality financial clients in this special podcast for advisors and other financial professionals.

Ryan explains 5 ways that podcasting can help you grow your business, all by simply talking into a microphone from your own office in as little as one hour per week! He also offers a free 7-page guide where you can find out more about podcasting at KickStartYourPodcast.com

The Prosperity PodcastTodd details how YOU can be featured on an upcoming episode of The Prosperity Podcast to use in your marketing and client education!

If you are coming to The Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors, you are already invited to be a featured guest! You’ll schedule a time to record an episode with Todd Strobel from wherever you are in the country. You’ll both determine a topic ahead of time. You’ll be interviewed by Todd, and a week or two later, your episode (professionally produced by Podkick) will be on iTunes! You’ll receive:

  1. A link to the show on iTunes;
  2. A link to the show on Partners4Prosperity.com;
  3. The MP3 sound file that you can post on your own website or social media;
  4. A Prosperity Podcast image you can use on your website or social media;
  5. A transcript of the show;
  6. An excellent credibility-building prospect/client-education tool;
  7. 15 minutes of fame and glory 😉

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