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Your Hosts and Main Speakers

Todd Langford, Truth Concepts software, industry trainer and leader

tood-langfordThe CEO and developer of Truth Concepts™ software, Todd is just as well known for his trainings as his calculators. Considered by many to be the industry expert, Todd trains top producers along with new agents and advisors committed to accelerating their success. His Truth Trainings garner rave reviews and attract repeat attendees, and he has been an in-demand speaker at industry conferences such as the IBC Think Tank.

Todd is also the co-founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement, a non-profit educational foundation that helps both advisors and investors understand “the whole truth” about their money.

Kim Butler, Partners for Prosperity, Strategic Coach, The Prosperity Economics Movement

kim-butlerKim D. H. Butler is CEO/President of Partners for Prosperity Inc., a Registered Investment Advisor and co-founder of the Prosperity Economics Movement, which offers an alternative to typical financial planning with its reliance on the stock market and government-sponsored retirement programs.

Practicing the strategies she teaches and coaches, Kim has become a top producer with a major mutual life insurance company, running her profitable financial practice for clients in only 3 days a week by:

  • Solving her clients’ biggest problems,
  • Leveraging education-based marketing content that generates 3 leads a day and shortens her sales cycle, and
  • Creating multiple streams of income from carefully vetted alternative investments as well as insurance products.

Download Kim’s Pathway Process Presentation here: Pathway-Process-Prezi

An industry leader and frequently-interviewed expert on whole life insurance and alternative investments, Kim is the author of six financial books and has been an Associate Coach with Strategic Coach for almost 20 years. Kim is passionate about helping entrepreneurs and especially financial advisors grow and succeed.

Our theme this year at The Summit is “Become Part of Something Bigger.” An essential component is an Abundance Mindset.

At The Summit we are going to give you MORE…More Ways to reach your goals and make the impact you want!

Here are just a few ways that Todd and Kim are going to give you more…

More Ways to demonstrate how you help people via Role Play

Kim will role play client questions and challenges with advisors.

More Ways to find out from other advisors how they are growing their businesses

With Strategic Coach style sharing.

More Ways to leverage what you can accomplish through virtual assistants

Kim and Todd will reveal how they do this within The Pathway Process

More Ways to build the Prosperity Economics Movement and prosper doing it!

Kim and Todd on Practice Succession Strategies

More Ways to help your clients decide which asset to use for income first

More Ways to think through what you’ll learn and precisely how youll implement it

Kim Butler will lead you with IMPLEMENTATION TIME and very specific question to help you get MORE from every session!

The Summit Guest Speakers – 2016


Rick Randall, National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys

Rick-RandallMore Ways to establish relationships and work with attorneys on estate plans

Rick is the Chairman and CEO of the National Network of Estate Planning Attorneys as well as the founder of Randall Law Offices, which is dedicated to “Changing the Way America Plans (for the better!)” Rick will introduce us to a process-based estate planning concept AND he will also address what every advisor should have in place – a backstop succession plan!

Whether you plan to sell your business someday or simply want to be prepared for any unplanned interruption in your ability to serve your clients, a backstop succession plan is a must! This is one of the many ways that the Prosperity Economics Movement aims to help advisors with who share our financial philosophy so that we do not one day “lose” the clients we have so carefully educated to “typical” financial advisors who may cancel their insurance policies and place all of their assets in stocks and bonds.

Tammi Brannan of Instinctive Life

Tammi-BrannanMore Ways to keep your mind in growth mode helping you see and seize more opportunities

Personal development expert and coach to advisors and their clients, Tammi Brannan helps people find ways to bring their passions and preferences into work – and a life – that is truly fulfilling. In this interactive presentation, Tammi will help us discover how to attract more clients by getting “into the zone” of what comes most naturally to us.

Download Tammi’s Revolutionize Aging presentation here: Revolutionize-Aging

Tammi’s Instinctive Life Process helps people discover and utilize their unique talents and skills while discovering a new sense of purpose. She has helped advisors create work that feels like a “fit” for them. We also refer clients to Tammi (she offers referral fees) when they need to find rewarding work and make career transitions that allow them to pursue prosperity and happiness for a lifetime!

Kate Phillips of Total Wealth and Content 4 Clients

Kate-pic-1-editMore Ways a Revolution may help you share your message

Kate is our marketing coach and communications manager for Truth Concepts and Partners for Prosperity, Kim Butler’s co-author of Financial Planning Has Failed, and the co-creator of Content4Clients. She has assisted Partners for Prosperity and Truth Concepts in attracting and converting clients through our blogs, books, and the Prosperity on Purpose ezine. She is also an advocate of using publishing to leverage Amazon.com and a pioneer in the emerging field of financial therapy. This year at The Summit, her focus will be on Revolutionary Marketing.

Download presentation PDF (same as slides) here: Revolutionary-Marketing

Vincent M. D’Addona of Strategies for Wealth

Vince-DAddona-headshot-croppedMore Ways to expand your mind to include Ultra High Net Worth clients

Vincent M. D’Addona, is a senior consultant at Strategies for Wealth. He has more than 25 years of experience in providing financial services, estate planning, retirement planning and investment services to a variety of clients and organizations. He is a nationally known practitioner of Personal Financial Economics and has spoken on and trained various planning organizations and individuals.

Rich Baldwin of LPS Insurance Services

Rich BaldwinMore Ways to see how else Whole Life can help your clients

Rich Baldwin has spent twenty years developing business opportunities, primarily in the life insurance industry. He has also participated in transactions in real estate, merchant services, software, and financing. LPS Insurance Services offers independent advisors backend support staff for marketing of life insurance and annuity products.

David Jehlen of Jehlen Enterprises Inc.

David speaking NO BACKGROUND CROPPEDMore Ways to create a powerful message and market your business effectively

David Jehlen is a speaker and direct response marketing strategist who helps consultants, advisors and experts to attract and convert more clients. His company helps small businesses to uniquely position themselves, create a stand-out message and then deploy that in all of their marketing efforts.

He’s written direct response copy for Brian Clark of Copyblogger, Angela Lee, Dr. Mollie, Michael Port and countless business owners you’ve probably never heard of. He worked personally with NY Times Best-Selling Author Michael Port for over 2 years helping him to create and launch his mentoring program.

Our Marketing Success Panel

More Ways to expand your sphere of influence and help more people
The panel will be moderated by Kim Butler, and questions will be collected from attendees for the panelists.
In addition to Kate Phillips and David Jehlen (profiles above), our marketing success panel includes:

Jason Rink, Videographer and Marketer, Foundation Media

Jason-RinkJason is a multi-media marketer/producer and filmmaker of Nullification: The Rightful Remedy and Banking with Life. He has worked with financial advisors and firms along with The Palm Beach Letter, a financial newsletter juggernaut.

Jason is THE expert on using video to attract prospects and communicate financial concepts in a compelling way. In addition to being a panel speaker, Jason will also be onsite at The SUMMIT as part of our production team, capturing interviews, testimonials, and event highlights.

Iman Khan, Speaker Trainer and Event Manager, Red Elephant Inc.

10569092_688813427866662_6587388368644054508_nEvent planners and speaker mentors based in New York City, Iman and his wife and partner Afrin practice what they preach, using live events and speaking to grow their own influence, income, and contribution to the clients they serve. Iman and Afrin took their own business from $40k to $800k in two short years, helping their own clients successfully host and speak at live events to grow their own businesses.



Alternative Investments Session

More Ways to help existing clients secure and grow their wealth- keeping them super satisfied!

Kim and her speakers will reveal the power of combining alternative investments with life insurance – both for you and your clients – to increase profitability and cash flow without giving up safety or your principles.

Tim Wright and Stephen Ziadie, ASR Alternative Investments

ASR-Tim-Wright-2Stephen-ZiadieFounded in 2006, ASR has more than 100 years of collective successful management, marketing and investment experience and has facilitated over $1 billion of death benefit in life settlement contracts. ASR’s life settlement product is the perfect asset-class for steady investment growth without market risk.

Find out exactly how life settlements work, even how it can benefit your clients who may wish to sell a policy. Discover how Life Settlements can fulfill the client demand for non-correlated investments while creating additional opportunities for you. (No securities license needed.) And for those ready to take a big step, company Chief Marketing Officer, Tim Wright and Stephen Ziadie, Sr. Partner Business Development, will explain a unique opportunity to “brand” your own offering.

Kevin Nichols, Penumbra Life Settlement Fund

Kevin-NicholsPenumbra Funds invest in hundreds of Senior Life Settlement insurance policies. With a target yield in the low double digits, no market risks, no premium calls, professional management, and funds locked up safely in escrow, this might be the best investment your clients have never heard of!

Partners for Prosperity has worked with Kevin and Penumbra for years, referring many dozens of clients into their private equity offerings.

Dayne Roseman of Woodbridge Wealth

Delivering the financial security and independence your clients deserve

Dayne RosemanWoodbridge Wealth is committed to helping high-net-worth individuals, families and financial advisors achieve peace of mind in today’s uncertain financial environment. The management team at Woodbridge Wealth has more than 35 years of industry experience and has closed more than $1.5 billion in financial transactions. It helps countless clients realize strong returns with lower-risk products without the burden of long-term commitments. Woodbridge Wealth’s financial tools and services are collateralized by commercial real estate mortgages in Woodbridge’s inventory, as selected by their clients and require only a one-year commitment.

Dayne has been called “a brilliant business person, with innate sales and marketing skills,” and is a strong voice of his generation’s financial services revolution.

Jim Small and Nathan Skankey of SANTÉ Realty Investments

Even More Ways to help you clients add monthly income to their lives

Jim_Small-180x180NathanSANTÉ Realty Investments’ innovative program enables accredited investors to invest in U.S. real estate as a private lender and earn tax exempt fixed-rate income. Jim Small is the founder of and is responsible for setting its mission, vision and strategy as an innovative real estate company. SANTÉ Realty Investments currently has multi-family holdings in Arizona, California, Colorado, Indiana, Kansas, Nevada, Ohio, Texas and Washington. Nathan Skankey acts as the liaison for all investors by facilitating the process of investing in commercial real estate through SANTÉ Realty Investments.


Mimi Klosterman of Your Virtual Services

mimi-klosterman-round-500x500More Ways to leverage your time and get more important things done

Mimi helps clients get back to their passion by taking the busy work off of their plate and managing their team for them – so they can focus on what is really important to them and why they started their business in the first place.

Mimi got started as a virtual assistant with a focus on the technical aspects of running an online business. Over the last 5 years, she has taken many courses in online marketing strategies, sales funnel management, and product launches. Contact Mimi Today

Terra Paley, Social Media Ghostwriter

TerraSocial Media(SM) and LinkedIn(LI) are here to stay. You have a story and it is unique. Someone must hear it, believe and see it multiple times in order to reach out to you. I create thoughtful social media, LinkedIn and blog posts, taking your voice and enhancing your message to showcase the best aspects of your business and personality. If need be, I can respond FOR you online (after careful discussion).

I am well-versed in the legalities and restrictions in the financial arena, with a wide background in business, PR, and many years of doing social media, LinkedIn and Twitter for major network figures. Contact me by email, or phone at (310) 696-9288.

Jeune Taylor of Dynamic Support Services

Snapshotofme51_hj15t4Even More Ways to leverage your time and get more important things done

Before starting Dynamic Support Services Jeune worked as a Virtual assistant for Corporate America for 10 years and almost 20 years of experience as an executive assistant. Her strong technical skills help to create balance for busy professionals through exceptional support solutions and the handling of their professional administrative needs. Contact Jeune Today


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