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When You Sponsor The Summit You Receive Big Benefits…And Give Someone a Scholarship!

You may know that The Summit is supported by The Prosperity Economics Movement which is a 501c3. Your sponsorship will help us grow the event and the movement.

You will also help us to fulfill a dream.

When our early ideas for The Summit began to percolate, one of the most inspiring visions we had was to use some of the proceeds supporting the event to create scholarships.

We want new advisors, who may not be able to afford to register, to come and benefit from the training and our amazing community.

This helps grow our movement and reach more people with financial truth!

Here’s What You Will Get…

  • 3 seats at The SUMMIT on July 26-29 (one for you, one for the scholarship recipient and one for a co-worker, colleague, partner or friend) *The Prosperity Economics Movement will determine who receives the scholarship although you’re certainly welcome to make suggestions
  • A sign at breakfast or lunch designating your company as the sponsor for that meal
  •  A Round Table (with your banner behind it) for you to host “brain dates” with advisors.
    They’ll show up in groups of 2-4 every 12 minutes.  You’ll want to have a one pager they
    can take with them and any other swag you’d like to give.  (We provide them bags to store swag).
    The Brain Dating sessions will be Friday 11-4 (with lunch time as well) and we’ll also provide
    you a list of questions to “just have a good business discussion” in case the advisor in front
    of you isn’t a good match for your product or service.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your company provided a scholarship giving a new advisor a seat at the event (hotel and travel not included)

You are receiving all the above for essentially the price of 3 tickets to The SUMMIT! That’s a great a value…exactly the way we like it!

Become a sponsor of The Summit for an investment of only $7,500!

Would you rather write a check? No problem. Please make your check payable to:

22790 US HIGHWAY 259 South
TX 75681-6472

Don’t forget…this is a TAX DEDUCTIBLE investment!

Kim Butler and Todd Langford

Have questions? Email us at hello@ProsperityEconomicsMovement.com

We are grateful that you have decided to become a sponsor.

Thank you!

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