The Summit 2014 Recordings

The Summit 2014 Recordings

Video Recordings of The 2014 Summit for Prosperity Advisors are now available!

Watch the 1-minute recap video below for a peek!

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We proudly present the video recordings from The 2014 Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors!

Sessions and highlights include:

  • Prosperity Economics Movement and Summit founders Kim Butler and Todd Langford discuss Prosperity Economics.
  • Master networker and referral marketing expert Jordan Adler on simple ways to increase your prospecting success in this highly-rated presentation.
  • The 2014 Summit Marketing Panel fields questions about how to attract clients and raise visibility with videos, blogging, book publishing, events and other marketing strategies.
  • Kim Butler role plays with a a “client” and demonstrates her top producer skills!
  • Brian Pardo, Founder of of Life Partners Inc. and Dr. Sharon Pins, Director of Institutional Funding and Investments tell the history and current opportunities of the life settlement industry.
  • Todd Langford demonstrates a Truth Concepts calculator and explains why Prosperity Economics may be better for clients than “typical” Wall Street solutions.
  • Lenore Vassil describes why many advisors find it challenging to connect with family and heirs of current clients, and demonstrates her brilliant solution with The Torch. (Our Summit attendees rated Lenore as a top presenter!)
  • Chris Anderson of Soulence Tax & Accounting discusses how to help your clients save on taxes.
  • Tammi Brannan of Instinctive Life inspires the audience to understand their unique passions, strengths and worth.
  • Kim Butler (also an associate coach with Strategic Coach) shares her perspectives on success, health, and a positive mindset.
  • Greg O’Connell offers a solution to help clients get out of debt fast and start saving – the Fiscal Fitness Journey.
  • David Kolbe shares the value of the Kolbe Assessment and understanding how you naturally get things done.

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Q. Is this a digital or a physical product? Can I download the videos?

You can stream or download video recordings from the 2014 Summit. Sessions are viewable anytime online at via computer, tablet or phone. You can also download DRM-free SD, HD, and mobile files. Just go to to create an account, purchase, and also to view or download.

Q. Are the recordings complete?

We’ve selected “the best of The Summit” recordings so that you can enjoy the benefit of our speakers’ wisdom in less than 10 hours. (It was a 3-1/2 day conference, complete recordings would be nearly twice that length.) Some segments were interactive and didn’t lend themselves well to recording (you “just had to be there”!), other segments have been edited for brevity to give you access to the highest impact portions of the training.

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Q. When and where is the next Summit for Prosperity Economics Advisors?

The Summit 2015 will be held in Scottsdale, AZ October 7-10, 2015. Enter your email address below if you’d like to receive announcements:

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